Aug. 25th, 2008 12:13 am
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Украдено со слашдота.
Просмотрел все 9 серий. Понял далеко не все, но кое-что стало яснее.
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Полный список полетов к Марсу. В глаза бросается огромный перевес успешных миссий NASA над советскими. Из 19 советских и 1 российской миссий лишь в 3 из 16 случаев космические аппараты достигли какого-либо успеха (т.е. передали данные), и ни один из 8 спускаемых аппаратов не пережил посадку. Из 19 миссий NASA с поставленной задачей справились 11 из 13 космических аппаратов и 6 из 8 спускаемых.
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... в прямом эфире - передача из центра управления. 13 минут до конца.

... восторг и ликование сотрясают стены центра управления. Touchdown signal detected.
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Спустя две недели с начала путешествия, Дарвин прикрепил к корме шхуны небольшую сетку; через несколько часов вытащил ее и стал осматривать улов.

"The number of animals that the net collects is very great & fully explains the manner so many animals of a large size live so far from land. — Many of these creatures so low in the scale of nature are most exquisite in their forms & rich colours. — It creates a feeling of wonder that so much beauty should be apparently created for such little purpose. — The weather is beautiful & the blueness of the sky when contrasted with white clouds is certainly striking."
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В конце длинного интервью с Милнером (2003 г.) обнаружилось несколько любопытных инсайтов. Ради сокращения объема я из каждого Q и A вырезал только самое интересное.

If you look at programming languages that are really used, C, C++, Java. They don't contain much that wasn't around in the late '60s. Does that surprise you? Does it disappoint you?
Up to now I don't think we had sufficient incentive to make sure that our languages are close to scientific models. It's only with the onset of computation as a global phenomenon that modelling those interactions becomes so scientifically important that it is bound to have its effect on programming languages.

What are your views on collaboration with industry? Good thing? Bad thing?
I think it's necessary. I don't want to collaborate on products, but we are quite lucky to have something like Microsoft Lab with ex-colleagues and people like Tony Hoare and Luca Cardelli and Cédric Fournet.

What do you make of the increasing patenting of ideas in computing?
It's terrifying. It's ridiculous and terrifying at the same time. I signed a petition the other day which went on behalf of several European academics to the European Parliament.
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Робин Милнер завершает рассказ об одном открытии:
So when we went for the walk, the main topic was: what should we call this thing? David wanted to call it "mimicry" and I said "that's difficult to say, let's call it bisimulation".

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